The Age of Kolesso

Have you ever wished there really was a way into Narnia?  That you could push past a bunch of old coats to a place where magic exists?  Or, that you could run out the door like Bilbo and adventure would result?  I’m not talking about a story that’s already been told.  I’m talking about the search for spiritual reality and its power.  Could there be another realm?  So close to this one, yet impossible to reach without invitation? 

Well, I’m inviting you on pilgrimage.  If you want, we could travel there together.


Sarah R. Lessard is an American writer living in the squall that is Ireland’s West Coast. Her husband works to survive the dreary days while she relishes the moody backdrop for her novel-in-progress, The Feast of Ichor, which will kick off the seven-part series, The Age of Kolesso.  

Sarah loves honest questions, Symbolism & True Spirituality.

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“Today, I begin to disseminate my journey into the Salvation Epic.  I want to start at the very beginning.  The end of paradise.  The beginning of death.

-From Post Sin Began…

“‘Absolute’ is a modern notion that provides a false sense of security, and even heavy-handednes.  But if we are humble and say instead that we know Truth (the person), then we are experiencing and witnessing His example.  Truth becomes our example to live by rather than our axiom to prove.”

-From Post Symbolism & Absolutes