The Pilgrimage of Faeriae

The Pilgrimage of Faeriae is the SF/F series I’m currently writing, but its also a backroad to a place where faith & truth can be touched.  The process of writing this series has been my way through the wardrobe to a surprising realm of unspoilt Christianity.  The living way calls to any seeker who will turn onto its path.  If you too long for something more, I’d love to share the journey.

Thanks for dropping by, your voice is welcome.  


Sarah R. Lessard is an American writer living in the squall that is Ireland’s West Coast. Her husband works to survive the dreary days while she relishes the moody backdrop for her novel-in-progress, The Feast of Ichor, which will kick off the seven-part series, The Pilgrimage of Faeriae.  Meanwhile her two toddlers, born in the Celtic world, spend their days barefoot and playing at their own fairy tales.

Sarah is a lover of symbolism, Fantasy Fiction, strong thought, Scripture and their crossroads.  This site serves as the sneak peak into the world of her series, and as a constellation of these fantastic topics. 

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