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Harry Potter, Absolute Truth, The Book of Ruth, Witchcraft, and Homosexuality all tied into a conversation on Symbolism & Spirituality?  Each of these topics could have been their own series. “Symbols have spiritual value,” is the most basic conclusion!  And as for Fantasy, perhaps the more layered the symbolism the more re-readable the book. The […]

Symbolism & The Postmodern Apologetic (Pt. VI of VI)

Today, I’d like to broach a sensitive topic: homosexuality & the Bible. This conversation cannot be separated from our hearts, so I want to begin by saying that if this issue is personal to you, you are a fearfully and wonderfully made individual and precious to God. People who love Jesus and feel same-sex attraction, […]

Spiritist vs. Materialist Worldview (Pt. V of VI)

This is the fifth installment of the series Symbolism & Spirituality and its a good time to recap the broad strokes: In Part I we suggested the Harry Potter Series is wrought with the symbolism of alchemy.  We discussed the series’ universal influence and its achievement of becoming a shared text.  Thus, in Part I […]

Symbolism & The Bible (Pt. IV of VI)

Let’s orient around some Biblical symbols that are easily recognised. The tabernacle was a copy of the real one, which Jesus cleansed after his ascension. When asked what baptism is, we explain that it is a symbol of our identification with Christ in His death and resurrection.  It represents a new birth, and a new […]

Symbolism & Absolutes (Pt. III of VI)

Newer generations reject absolute truth and are turning to relativity. Are we? In many senses the younger generations are unravelling moral absolutes and promoting tolerance. Does this mean we’ve altogether thrown away moral absolutes in exchange for compassion?  Does this mean we reject absolute truth? I propose that logic is not dead, but that the […]