From Symbolism to the Truth about Sin

Harry Potter, Absolute Truth, The Book of Ruth, Witchcraft, and Homosexuality all tied into a conversation on Symbolism & Spirituality? The goal was to provide a multi-faceted understanding of the spiritual value of symbols.  It was a lot to bite off for one series, but its just the beginning!  We’ll be circling back over some […]

Witches & Materialists (Pt. V of VI)

This is the fifth installment of the series Symbolism & Spirituality and its a good time to recap the broad strokes: In Part I we suggested the Harry Potter Series is wrought with the symbolism of alchemy.  We discussed the series’ universal influence and its achievement of becoming a shared text.  Thus, in Part I […]

Symbolism & Prophecy (Pt. IV of VI)

Prophecy is often thought of as foretelling the future, but I prefer to define it as outside the bounds of time.  Prophecy is mainly about truth, and it is poignant.  Let’s orient around some Biblical symbols that are easily recognised. The tabernacle on earth was a copy of the one in Heaven, which Jesus cleansed […]

The New Absolute Truth (Pt. III of VI)

The world is rejecting absolute truth and turning to relativity. Is it? In many senses we are unravelling moral absolutes and promoting tolerance. Does this mean we’ve altogether thrown away absolutes in exchange for compassion?  Does this mean we reject absolute truth? I propose that logic is not dead, but that the path to finding […]