From Symbolism to the Truth about Sin

Harry Potter, Absolute Truth, The Book of Ruth, Witchcraft, and Homosexuality all tied into a conversation on Symbolism & Spirituality?  

The goal was to provide a multi-faceted understanding of the spiritual value of symbols.  It was a lot to bite off for one series, but its just the beginning!  We’ll be circling back over some of these threads in the future!  

The last post, entitled Symbolism & Homosexuality, addressed homosexuality within the Christian sphere.  That topic dovetails with the next series where I’d like to discuss one of the major themes of my coming book (The Feast of Ichor), which is sin & death.

Sound heavy-handed?  I hope you’ll find it completely refreshing.  
If you have not yet visited the page:  My Spiritual Journey.  Head on over and take a look. That story sets the landscape for the coming conversation entitled:  “Sin Began…
See you soon.

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