From Religion to the Only Gospel

The series, The Truth about Sin has been about discovering the prevalence of religious attitudes in mainstream Christianity.  Insofar as we focus on immorality/morality instead of sin, we function outside living spirituality.

And what we need is power.  The goal of this blog is to that end, but we have some ground to cover before we can harness the power of Spiritual Christianity.

In the next series I’d like to dive all the way down the rabbit trail, to the root system of Christianity and see what we find.  Where is the religious fruit coming from?  Why do we persist in traditions even when they smell rotten?

Its time for an Awakening.  There is a greater calling than most of us are aware of because we are asleep, lulled by the lullaby of all those who have gone before and passed down the fruit of their hard labour.  But we have a job to do, and we haven’t checked their work thoroughly enough.

The next series is a continuation on the meta topic of Life & Death, and its the epicenter of our problem.  If you’re a Christian reading this, I encourage you to pray and ask God the same question I did –

If the gospel I believe is true, then help me to understand it fully so that I am not ashamed of it.  

Thanks for trekking along.  Cheers from Ireland.

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