Sin began…

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Today, I begin to disseminate my journey into the Salvation Epic.  I want to start at the very beginning of our salvation.  The end of paradise.  The beginning of death.   Here’s the question: What is the Biblical definition of sin? In a single word?    decay When God created Adam, He warned him not to […]

Part 7: Witches & Materialists

This is the seventh and final instalment of the series Symbolism & Spirituality.  Here is a recap of the broad strokes: In Part 1 We discussed the Harry Potter Series’ universal influence and achievement of becoming a shared text (replacing the Bible).  The series is wrought in the symbolism of Alchemy and is thus having a […]

Part 6: Symbolism & Homosexuality

Today, I’d like to broach a sensitive topic: homosexuality & the Bible. This conversation cannot be separated from our hearts, so I want to begin by saying that if this issue is personal to you, you are a fearfully and wonderfully made individual and precious to God (Ps. 139:14). People who love Jesus and feel […]

Part 5: Symbolism & Prophecy

There is a way of interpreting Scripture that is not contingent on plucking the axioms out of its pages.  The answer to a Living, speaking Word, which transcends premodernism, modernism & postmodernism (making it quite metamodern), has been around all along, waiting in the wings for the time we would discover its presence. The robust new […]

Part 4: Symbolism & Absolutes

“Relativity has replaced absolute truth,” is a common Christian complaint.  Yet, while we have been working very hard to maintain our worldview on absolute truth, perhaps we haven’t fully understood where relativity comes from. Metamodern thinking cannot traffic in “absolutes” out of humility.  “Absolute” is not a functioning word for a generation who is willing to admit […]

Part 3: The Metamodern Christian

Philosophical thought is an interesting thing.  We all participate in it whether or not we use fancy words like “ontological” or “metaphysical.”  Each of us has a steadfast view of reality that is part of a larger cultural atmosphere.  Let’s begin with a brief overview of the eras of reasoning.  This will give context to some pivotal concepts […]

Part 2: The Magic of Symbolism

“Her grandmother had spent her life accumulating those books. She was the one to teach Castalia that oracle writings held hidden power – having the ability to alter a person’s very nature.  Most held curses that seeping into the mind transmuted the thoughts. However, Cliewyn had been certain that if such evil works existed, then profitable, […]

Part 1: Hunting for Gold

Let’s begin with enchantments. In 2013, Westmont College in Southern California hosted an intriguing lecture entitled, “The Baptism of the Imagination.”  The topic was the Harry Potter series.  The speaker surveyed the heavily constructed symbolism of Harry Potter, showing it to be rooted in Alchemy.  Please view the lecture to consider this premise.   The most common […]