Like you, I consider the world around me and wonder at its tangles – most of all the failing church.  People are fleeing the institution.  Perhaps they experienced hypocrisy, dogmatism, dead tradition, shallowness or an overall lack of power.  Maybe the people turning their backs simply lost any sense of expectancy.

However, the church that is being rejected is one that shackled itself to modernism (an era of man’s reasoning).  As modernism is being outgrown, so is that form of church.  The good news is that the way is not lost, only being remade.

I’m passionate about the transformation of the church, and the turn of Christianity from a religion back to a spiritual path.   I hope this blog will serve you in your discovery of what it means to be truly spiritual.

This is also my author-in-progress site.  I’m currently writing a seven-part fantasy series entitled, The Age of Kolesso.  Its an epic with appendices like The Lord of the Rings, sprinkled with a bit of Harry Potter & Narnia flavouring.  The conversations on the blog intertwine with themes from the books.  The medium of Fantasy is, as ever, a powerful way of exploring truth.

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